unacceptable, hamilton. simply unacceptable…

December first, you guys. I haven’t blogged in almost two months. I am ashamed.

Quick fill in:

Got a new job.
Got a better new job.
Love my new job.
Had issues with childcare.
Had panic attacks.
Wondered if I would make it.
Forgot how to relax.
Had chest pains. (Seriously. I did. And I’m not old enough for that shit.)
Remembered there is more to my life.
Figured some stuff out.
Calmed down considerably.
Logged onto my blog.

Look! You’re all caught up!

For serious though, I’ve missed blogging and making comics. I’ve missed sitting down and putting words to the twisted part of me that can only be expressed through writing. I don’t know how I forgot that I could make most everything better by just letting my brain vomit out what it needed to through my fingers and onto a page. I’ve come to my senses. I’m going to be much better about not letting myself get so wrapped up in everything that I forget to let go.

This is all for tonight because it’s late and morning comes early these days.

I’ve missed you.