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It’s been a busy few weeks.

I went to Seattle, and that was great. I spent a far too short weekend with my friends Drew and Andrea and their son Andy. We celebrated Andy’s first birthday. He’s growing up incredibly fast. Sometimes I still lament that they live so far away and not next door (where they used to live), because if they were next door, I would know the little man better. Also, I would get to spend more time with friends that make me happy. The visits are nice though, and I cherish them. We went to Bainbridge Island, ate good food, walked around the city, and spent a lot of time laughing. It was short, but it was refreshing.

Following my whirlwind trip, I got home and cleaned my house like crazy. The same friends I visited ended up staying with me for a few days while they were in town for a funeral. Again, the time was far too short, but it was good to have a little extra time with them, even if the situation was less than ideal.

The day they left, I got busy with final edits for a photography/poetry project I had scheduled with my friend Heidi. Heidi is an amazing photographer, and currently very pregnant. We were running on borrowed time with this project, so there was no room for delay. The photo shoot went well, even if not flawlessly. I’m super excited to see finished pictures and to get some sort of show going for the whole project.

Before I left for Seattle (backtracking, I know) I started a new web comic. Many of you know the story of the last comic, but I don’t feel like rehashing the entire mess that lead to its demise. It wasn’t pretty, and it hurt, and I’m glad to be done with it, moving forward with something new, and having the opportunity to write punchlines once again. For those of you interested, you can find my new comic Jasper and Sally at

I plan on doing more poetry to get up on the blog soon. I have some observation haiku to publish on here, as well as some other things. Also, I’m going back to Seattle in a week, this time to see my mommy and daddy. (HOLY CRAP I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY MOMMY AND DADDY!) I have a lot of stuff planned that will be insanely blog worthy.

So yes, things to come on the blog:
Observational Haiku
Possible Other Poetry
Andy’s Amazing First Birthday Party
King Tut
General Fun With My Parents

Anyhow, I felt it was time to check in. Write at you again soon!