another saturday night and…

Honesty time: It’s been a hard couple of weeks. I went from everything being okay, to my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer, to sitting in a hospital as she had surgery. Tonight I ordered dinner in, had a cider or two, ate a rum soaked tiramisu, and wrote poetry. Pretty much, I had a good time at my little party for one and I’m feeling a little more relaxed and a little less stressed.

So, poetry…  Here you go!

There is that first moment, a spark.
A hand grazing over a shoulder, down an arm,
coming to rest on a waist. Words smoldering
on lips that promise the world, and more.
For an instant, the future flashes across
the sky in a blaze, covering
those below in a promise. Eyes gaze
from under half-lowered lids,
flirting with the idea of more.
A question hangs between two bodies,
suspended in the air, in time.