geek girl con (the events)…

Part 2: Events!

(To be talked about in this post but maybe not in this order because I’m not very good at order: concert, clue, miniature painting, busking, burlesque.)

The night before the con officially began, there was a Geek Girl Concert. Marian Call, The Doubleclicks, and Molly Lewis put on an amazing show for their fans!

The venue was small and it made the show feel less formal and more fun. If someone asked me to describe it, I would probably liken it to a house concert. Intimate, informal, interactive, and a whole lot of laughs and smiles. I went into a bit about each band in my limerick post, so I’m going to make this more about pictures.

(The Doubleclicks, Marian Call, and Molly Lewis sing Marian’s Nerd Anthem at the end of the concert.)

The con itself had a lot of events going on in between panels. One of the ones that we actually made time for was painting miniatures. Card Kingdom, this absolutely amazing game store, put it on, and it was a blast! We got paint everywhere and made our little (free!) miniatures look super awesome.

We’re all so focused! It was serious business, you guys. You have no idea!

Brandi… roll playing? And Andrea smiling at her achievement.

Our little army. Brandi’s on the left, Andrea’s on the right, and mine is Elfface the Magnificent there in the middle. His arms fell off. Well, really, they were chopped off in battle. Yep. He can still bite your face off though!

My poor, little, armless ranger. Seriously. I looked at him wrong, and his arms fell off. My brain is that powerful… Be scared?

In the same room as the painting, there were games being played. The con had organized Magic games and Dungeons and Dragons going. There were tables piled high with Steve Jackson, but we did not participate in those. No, we played Clue. (Brandi brought it all the way to the con from her house.) To be fair, Andrea and I joined in a game that Brandi was playing with Angela and Aubrey. They had planned to play previously and were nice enough to let us in. The first game was won by Angela and the second was taken by Brandi. I didn’t have a chance. I’m still not sure how one is supposed to go about winning that game!

Saturday night Brandi and I went to a burlesque! If you EVER get the chance, I highly recommend you go to one. It was entertaining and fun, and this one was especially awesome because it was centered around the works of Joss Whedon! Whedonesque Burlesque did a great job depicting scenes and characters from Dr. Horrible, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Angel, and Firefly. The hostess was hilarious as she introduced acts, and a very handsome Captain Hammer kept people laughing all night as he made jokes and frolicked about posing and flexing his muscles. Burlesque not your thing? That’s cool. I loved it! Pictures weren’t allowed (for fairly obvious reasons) but here is a shot of the program sitting on my lap while we were waiting for things to get started!

Finally, I want to talk about busking. That was a new word for me this weekend, so I assume it may be for others as well. It refers to the act of playing music for money on the street. The girls from the concert decided to do a bit of performing outside of the main event center to see what kind of money they could make. I don’t know how it turned out for them, but it was AMAZING for those of us that got to witness it! They put on a great show. Good music, good weather, cosplayers wandering about, and TMBG and JoCo singalongs. What could be better? I took a ton of pictures and tried to pick the best of the best, I also took a few videos, I hope you enjoy!