blog a day challenge: l…

L is for lyrics…

It’s that time of week again. It’s time for a lyric prompt. Brandi is busy on a boat in the middle of the ocean making science happen, so it’s just me today! She’ll be back next week. :)

Today’s prompt is Lykke Li ‘s Let it Fall. (Appropriate for today, no?)

let it fall…

Sitting on a chair in a silent, empty room.
One moment there, the next
standing by a fountain, watching the water.
Nothing changes for a while,
then running through trees, branches abrading arms.
Time flashes once more,
back in the room, now there is a clock on the wall.
The seconds tick noisily,
and a vase tips off of a table of its own accord.
Eyes blink momentarily,
turning away, walking out the door,
the vase hits the ground and shatters.

in my weakest moments I weep…

Doors closed.
Curtains drawn.
Finally alone,
and now I can regress,
curl up into a ball and
let myself go.

Hard stone.
All day
But now,
it is time to crumble
time to turn to dust
for a while.

Wet hands.
Salty lips.
Quick breaths,
as I choke down the day,
my heart breaks

can’t stop, no I said no…

It is really not an addiction,
no, I would more categorize it
as something required.
Addictions you can quit, but
this is more permanent than that.
It is more like breathing, and
less like cocaine. If you could see
it the way I see it, you would
understand. Quitting is less
likely to be uncomfortable, and
more apt to be quite deadly.

i like it salt…

Tasting your skin, that spot
on your neck and the one
right behind your ear, after
you have been out in the wind
next to the sea, or when you come
in after playing football, or
after spending all day basking
in the sun. The taste of you
then, the sting of the salt, and
excitement clinging to your skin,
that is how I remember you when
I am sitting alone, and missing
being wrapped around you.

in my joyous moments I moan…

moments of sheer bliss
when nothing matters
but being with you
and hearing your voice
saying, “I love you.”