blog a day challenge: q…

Q is for quixotic…

This is a blog about a silly word, and other things I do not like.

I absolutely hate the word quixotic. It completely annoys me that it is pronounced kwik-sot-ik. It doesn’t make sense. It’s a word directly derived from the character Don Quixote [kee-hoh-tee], so why is it pronounced differently? It’s just silly.

Also, I’m not a fan of the planet Jupiter. For some reason, it has always gotten under my skin. I’ve always felt like it feels better than the other planets. Seriously, Jupiter, I just do not care about your never ending storm. Saturn has a kajillion rings. Now that is cool. Sure, you have a sweet moon with Io and all, but here is the deal, Io is not you. Io is it’s own awesome place, stop trying to stand next to it and be awesome by association. Popularity does not work like that. Trust me, I know from years of trying to appear cooler than I am. Step off, Jupiter. Just step off.

Now, let’s talk about erasers that do not, in fact, erase. Look, know your job! If you live on top of a pencil, you are pink, and go by the name “Eraser”, you should erase things and not just smear them all over the paper. Nobody needs a smearer, lots of people need erasers.

I hate the term “women’s rights”. I’m a person. I want person’s rights. Who cares what chromosomes I have? I certainly don’t. I don’t need a woman’s license to drive, so I don’t want to have to fight for women’s rights. I want to fight for people’s rights. I feel similarly about the term “gay rights”. Seriously, guys. It’s about time we realize we’re all people, and we all deserve love and acceptance and equality.

The Las Angeles Dodgers. Yeah, they make me upset. (Don’t take it personally if you are a fan, I’m just a Giants girl. I’m sure you understand now.)

Blue Gatorade should not exist. Anything that has a color as a flavor, in fact, should not exist. Colors are not flavors. I do not want to eat something that tastes like purple, and I do not want to drink something that tastes like blue.

Oh yeah, so, the Star Wars movies that shall not be named. I can’t really talk about how much I do not like them, because that is giving them too much attention.


Finally, I do not like the period of time between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Actually, I’m not entirely convinced that there is time in that space. I’m pretty sure 4:00 a.m. is some sort of conspiracy created by the government to make people too sleepy to fight against all of their shenanigans, and 5:00 a.m. just does not exist, nope, it is not there.

So, yes, that is a list of things I do not like. I’m sure I’m missing something big. But, the truly important things to remember about me are that words often make me salivate in both good and bad ways, I’m a Coke girl, I’m easily annoyed but not easily angered, and I truly, truly, truly despise Jupiter. You think I’m kidding. I know you do. I’m not. Jupiter sucks.