blog a day challenge: c…

C is for conversation…

My goblins are hilarious. To me at least. I have a 5 year old girl and an almost 4 year old boy (they’re 19 months apart). I try my hardest to record the funny things they say because, well frankly, I know that someday they will grow up and be mouthier, sassier buggars with attitudes that drive me crazy… and I want to remember the good times, the innocent times, the times when they had me rolling with laughter.

(For those of you finding me through the A-Z challenge, this isn’t a “mom blog”, it’s a me blog. Mostly, I post poems and stories, but I also post all of the other random bits of my life. I hope you explore the blog a little and enjoy!)

Now, without further ado, my goblins!

Cole, “Jenna! Leave my brain there okay. (sets something down) I don’t want you to touch it because it’s my brain.
Me, “Cole, what are you talking about?”
Cole, “That’s my brain from when I was a baby.”
Me, “You have the same brain, buddy. It’s in your head and it’s what makes you think.”
Cole, “Yeah! I don’t want Jenna touching my brain, it’s squishy and she might break it. So she has to not put her fingers in my head.”
Me, *stares and blinks*

Jenna to Cole, “Can you just stay with me here so I don’t think about bears?”

Jenna at Arby’s, “How do you get horsey sauce from horses?”

Watching the Voice with the kiddos:

Jenna, “Mom, are those girls going to fight in dresses?”
Me, “What?!”
Jenna, “Well, they are in a fighting place with the ropes in the thing like this (motions with her hands), but they are in pretty dresses.”
Cole (interrupting), “I really like Christina.”
Me, “Oh yeah?”
Cole, “Yeah! I even know her name and she’s sooooo pretty.”

Cole sleepwalks and talks in his sleep… and that’s the set up you need for this one.

Cole, “Mom! I think I fed my feet and the dog at the door. Okay?”
Me, “Coley, I think you’re sleeping bud.”
Cole, “Oh, is there a banana in the bathroom?”
Me, “I don’t think so. Time to go back to bed.”
Cole, “I want my sandwich.”
Me, *tucks Cole back in and walks slowly away”

Jenna, “Mom! Look at me! I look super pretty.”
I look over and she’s wearing my black, patent leather, heeled boots and my fedora.
Me, “You always look pretty, Jenna.”
Jenna,” Yeah, but right now I look like a model!”

Cole, “I want my blankie!”
Me, “Go get it.”
Cole, “I can’t with the light off