Part 9:

Usually he did not let himself become carried away like this. He tried to hold himself in the utmost of control. However, there were times, times like today, when something would take over and he would get carried away. Looking around at the corpses scattered at his feet, he felt a sudden wave of sadness. Too far, this always happened when he let it go too far. They would grow too old too quickly and that would be the end.

In the middle of the devastation, he heard a noise, a whimper. He stepped gingerly over the bodies until he found its source. It was the girl he had danced with first. Her old, wrinkled face looked confused; a single tear was falling down her cheek. The boy dropped down to his knees next to her and gingerly helped her sit up, being careful to only touch the parts of her that were covered by her clothing. He flashed a brilliant smile in her direction and felt a sense of satisfaction run over him. This had not failed completely. There were a few casualties, but he had kept her alive! Leaning down, he kissed the top of her head. The confusion did not fade.

“Do not worry, my little one. You will live forever, with me. I must go for awhile, I know you will understand, but you will not have to miss me, you are one of my friends now!” He scampered off then, over the bodies, happier than he had been for quite some time.

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