Part 8:

One hand stretched out, he cupped her waist and pulled her close, the other hand held her gloved fingers. He seemed older just now. Somehow, his small impish face did not betray his youth. The two of them danced as if they were secluded from the world around them. This moment was theirs, private, beautiful. He was overjoyed as the ground moved beneath his feet, and the girl’s body swayed beneath his touch.

At first, she was uneasy. There was something about the boy that made her feel as if she should turn and run, before it was too late. However, the longer she stayed, the less she felt the desire to flee. Something in his eyes made her long to stay dancing with him forever. He held her as if he needed her to be there, as if he had to have her in his arms, as though she was too important to ever let go.

The boy pinched the fingers of her glove and gave a small tug. The glove came off and he dropped it on the floor. Slowly, he moved to grasp her hand in his again. Their skin touched. A look of shock appeared for a moment in the girl’s eyes. The boy danced faster as the girl flowed through him. Moving in circles that no longer matched the canter of the music floating through the air, they continued to gain momentum in their dance. Feeling energized, the boy dropped the girl and moved on to someone else. The girl’s body lay in a heap. The boy and his new dance partner swirled past her. The dance continued like this until the boy realized he was out of partners. Continuing to waft through the air, the music had changed pace. It sounded sad, like a dirge. Looking around him, the boy saw bodies strewn about. This had happened before.

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