Part 1:

A great many decades ago, there was a small child sitting on a wooden chair. The child was staring with great interest and anticipation out the window at the world as it casually went about its business. Animals stood lazily around waiting for their humans. The humans were making purchases inside shops and business transactions on sidewalks. The child continued his vigilant watch.

Passersby did not take much notice of the unmoving boy. However, occasionally, a squirrel, bird, or small insect would venture close and stare back in his direction. As he paid them no mind, they felt they could examine him for a longer than average period of time, but eventually something or someone else would make a noise, and they would leave their viewing point on the opposite side of the glass from the boy and scurry off.

The boy scanned the street, rarely allowing himself to blink. He was waiting for the right feeling, the right person, the right instant to make his move.

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