Part Two

Two paces ahead of the beast behind me, I managed to set foot into the light. For now I was safe– at least from him. The warm sunlight felt good on my face after being in the damp air of the woods for so long, and I stood completely still for a moment as the rays caressed my skin. Adjusting the heavy load on my back, I began moving again, but this time at a much slower pace and hoping to stay on the correct path.

The sun being directly overhead did not help a great deal to keep me on track, so I attempted to use the instincts that I knew must be hiding somewhere inside of me. Waiting for a magnetic pull or the voice in my head telling me I was going the right way was useless because nothing had changed in the last day; I was still hopelessly challenged in this area. Eventually I would make it home, however, and then I would get rewarded for capturing the prize that I now bore in my pack. Even with my inability to find my own way places, I was still the best at what I did, the best at finding things, taking them, and bringing them to the person that wanted them.

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