RE: A Response from the Northwest Nazarene University Board of Trustees

To the Northwest Nazarene University Board of Trustees,

I want to address the mass letter that was just sent out from the board in response to the concerns you have been receiving.

First of all, I appreciate that an effort is being made to unify the community. However, I also want to state that this does not go far enough. In your letter, it is stated that you are listening, but you also affirm Dr. Alexander as president. This clearly indicates that, while you may be hearing, you are not listening to the majority of your faculty who have plainly stated that they have no confidence in Dr. Alexander’s leadership.

I also want to address the fact that, although I understand it takes time for a process like this to be completed if it is to be done professionally and without question, waiting such a long time to investigate this is a mistake. Being that it is your decision for the investigation not to occur until June, I call for Dr. Oord to be reinstated in his previous role at NNU, and that Dr. Alexander be suspended until the completion of the review you are calling for. If you want to show that you are listening, and that you are legitimately trying to bring reconciliation to the campus, if we are to see a just outcome to this situation, then I believe this is what is required.

The idea of a review team made up of members from every aspect of the NNU community is a good one. I commend you for taking that action. I would ask that you allow the NNU alumni to nominate our representatives. I think it would be seen as a move toward unification and transparency if we were allowed to choose who speaks for us. If the administration and the board are involved in appointing all members of the review team, it will be hard for many, myself included, to believe that it is anything but a gesture created to silence those with grievances.

The time for statements has passed, and it is now time for action. Please show us that you are listening by taking such action. Please show us that our faith in you is well placed. This is a hurting community who feels we are being lied to and ignored. You have the power to fix that quickly and completely.

Thank you again,

Kristine R. Noteboom


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