When I first began writing, poems and short stories were what I generally penned. However, after college, I began to very much enjoy the idea of doing serials. Whether writing comics, doing stories a tweet at a time, or creating longer chapters weekly on my blog, I’ve become enthralled with the ability the internet gives me to create and share something quickly and easily a piece at a time. Here are a few of my serials, as well as some of my poetry, and short stories.

I have also been working as a freelance copywriter/content writer over the past year. That experience has been one that I have enjoyed immensely. Writing content in order to help people better express themselves and their organization is something I genuinely love doing.

Copy/Content Writing

The Yearbook Office

Wild West Aircraft

No Bar Too Far – Idaho

Blog Posts

Web Comics

Bus Stop Comic
Bus Stop Comic was a collaboration with Rhett Jones. Original world, character, and plot creation were a joint effort.

Jasper and Sally
Jasper and Sally is a collaboration between myself and James Nelson. Original character and world creation were done by me.


The Odd Boy
The Odd Boy was a story written in serial form on my blog. It was my first foray into a darker world and character.

Iris began as a friendly competition to write a story on Twitter by posting a tweet a day. Streamlining interesting story elements down to the character limit allotted presented me with the challenge of eliminating extraneous wording.

Short Stories

The Tale of Ulysses the Unicorn
Ulysses is a unicorn on a journey of self-discovery. He knows he is unlike other unicorns, and he knows he is tired of being different, and so he sets out to solve his problems. Little does Ulysses know that the place where he belongs can only be found back home with those that love him.

The Return
Often when I sit to write, I begin with a photo, or a piece of art. This particular piece was inspired by a photograph that a friend had taken. I believe that illustrating words, and giving a story to an image, can be incredibly powerful.


I would like to say that I invented not-a-limericks, and so I will. I have no idea if it is a factual statement or not.

Free Form
Poems are how I express myself when I only have a little bit of time.

I firmly believe that Haiku are not utilized to their full potential. The form is so simple, and yet so exact that it creates a structure that seems to chase people away. Personally, I love Haiku and I love spending time looking out at the world and creating little Haiku stories about what I see.


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