To Esther Read


I think you know that I think you are wonderful, but I want to make sure. You have been my friend both on and off campus for years now. I’ve seen your boys grow up from kind and caring kiddos, into wonderful young men. They are truly a testament to you and Brian. To your love for your family, for those around you, and for Jesus. Every week I see you pour that same love into a nursery full of toddlers. It isn’t always the easiest job, but you always work at it with grace.

You have supported me through college frustrations, pregnancies, and motherhood. You’ve always been available with a listening ear, or a word of advice, depending on what I needed most at the time. You have been a friend, not only to me, but to my children.

At NNU, you made it possible for me to look forward to going to one of my least favorite (because it was so stressful) places on campus. Because you were there, and I knew I would get to chat with you, it made going into academic advising so much easier. I know I am not the only one who dearly treasures the time they get with you, even if that time is a quick chat while waiting to grab forms or talk to someone in the registrar’s office.

Thank you for your example of commitment and love to all of those around you. You are great, and I appreciate you more than you can know.


P.S. I still think about the Swedish meatballs you made for Josh and I after we had Jenna. No joke. I was just telling someone about them a few days ago, and Jenna is 8. SO GOOD!


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