I firmly believe that Haiku are not utilized to their full potential. The form is so simple, and yet so exact that it creates a structure that seems to chase people away. Personally, I love Haiku and I love spending time looking out at the world and creating little Haiku stories about what I see.

You in the corner!
The one that’s hoarding feathers.
Do you dream of flight?

Because I like pain.
It seemed like the best answer…
Or, honest, at least.

Why don’t you give up?
I really want to punch you
when you talk to me.

When you kissed my face
I thought I felt myself die.
Twas a false alarm!

Getting quickly dressed
ducking behind a dumpster?
Not your best moment.

That drink you just spilled
is creeping up on that guy’s
really nice, white shoes.

You called him ugly
but now you are kissing him.
Must have lost a bet.

Yes, you’re a stalker
if you follow him all day
just to see him smile.

It’s a shame to see
you just run away like this
with my purse and phone

Little girl, so small,
waiting, patient, and quiet,
while mom leaves to smoke.

I think it’s his smile,
or his eyes, maybe his wit,
or perhaps his bum.

I can give you love,
or I can give you money–
I’ve no time for both.

Breath does not come cheap.
Each inhale, each exhale costs
time and energy.

It takes some practice–
sitting alone, watching time,
contemplating night.

It was a churchyard,
(once, before the hordes rose up)
now it’s a disco.

Walking amongst you,
those who’ve long been in this place,
I feel myself fall.

It was a dark night,
a stormy night, a long night.
Maybe it was day?

Perhaps I misjudged
just how disturbing it is
that this is your home…

There’s no way to know
if this goes poorly or well,
but life requires risk.


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