Bucket List:

I must admit that this exists on my blog because I was very inspired by the bucket list and subsequent blogs about said bucket list on my friend Kristie’s blog. I’m going to go ahead and steal her format. I’ll strike out things that I accomplish and link to blogs that I write about anything on my list.

1. Watch all of the Star Trek Movies.
2. Travel to England.
3. Get my passport renewed.
4. Publish a novel.
5. Publish a children’s book.
6. Go to PAX.
7. Have an office specifically for me to create in.
8. Finish a large knitting project (ie a blanket or sweater).
9. Write a second comic.
10. Teach Jenna to knit.
11. Teach my kids to play catch.
12. Buy a new baseball mitt.
13. Go to a BSU football game.
14. Find and do a weekly exercise routine for at least 6 months.
15. Hike to the top of Table Rock in Boise.

  • It maybe wouldn’t be a lofty goal for some, but I’m lazy… so it was my Everest for a while. :P

16. Attend a respected writing conference.
17. Visit Seattle.

18. Go to another Giants game with my dad.
18a. Go to another Giants game with my dad.
19. Share some piece of “fluff” I’ve written once a week for 1 year.
20. Buy a chair that is comfortable to write and knit in.
21. Build my own computer.
22. Buy and build a Lego set.
23. Take a pottery class.
24. Go to Disney World.
25. Finish my degree.
26. Visit The Grand Canyon
27. Go to the ballet.
28. Find a job I enjoy.
29. Move.
30. Go to some sort of geeky convention other than PAX.

31. Attend Emerald City Comicon.
32. Learn to play my bass a bit better than the bad I can play it now.
33. Visit Winnipeg and Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
34. Learn to program/code.
35. See the King Tut exhibit before it returns to Egypt.
36. Get my nose pierced.
36a. Get my lip, eyebrow, or another ear pierced.
37. Buy a Subaru.
38. Get a non maternity massage.
39. Read all of the fiction and poetry by Margaret Atwood.
40. Teach myself to sew clothes.