when religion and politics get too cozy…

This will be brief.

When you say, “God picked the president,” you divide the church. You say that you are right, and I am a heathen. You turn me out of the fold. If that’s your intent, I can’t argue with you, but know we are now worshipping different gods. We are on different sides of an uncrossable chasm. Because you have determined that my salvation is wrapped up not in Jesus Christ, but in my voting record, and my submission to a government, and a political agenda. You’ve determined that my faith is wanting because I disagree with your candidate for national leadership. When you inextricably entwine religion with the State, you deny me my place at the table. I’m not leaving the church, I’m being cast out, turned away at the door. I can’t participate in communion because I won’t drink from the cup of nationalism. I’m not welcome in fellowship, because I am Kingdom first, America somewhere down the list behind love, family, friendship, and community.

I wash my hands of this calamity. I will not participate in this fictional theology. This new heresy. There is only one savior in my scripture. I will not make an elected official a prophet, or a demigod, or a saint. I’m separating the State from my church, and my faith from the State.



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