2016: a year in pictures…

Preface: This was written before 2016 ended, but then I got the stomach flu, and forgot I needed to publish it. Whoops! Oh well.

Sometimes I forget how good a year is until I go back through my pictures and remember.

And here we are. At the end of the year. And it feels like everything was hard. But then I look at my instagram account, and I remember just how much good there was.

This year I traveled. I traveled for work and pleasure. I got on planes, and visited two new countries. I added stamps to my passport, and made plans to add more. I took pictures, and made videos, and fell in love with Scotland while remembering why Ireland still pulls at me. I saw more of Denver than just the airport, and saw many more new airports that made me want to go back and see their cities. I danced with Mickey Mouse, and blew kisses to Donald and Minnie. I went so many places, and I’m glad there are still so many places to go.

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My kids took up running, and we spent a lot of time at races and driving to practices. Basically, I became a sports mom, and I have to say… I’m DAMN GOOD at it. I never thought I would care so much about a thing I’ve never been very fond of.

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I bought, and received, a lot of books. I consumed a lot of books. Goodreads tells me that I read at least 84, but I know that number is low because I got really bad at recording my reads for a few months. Next year I’d like to read more, and buy less, but I feel like at least one of those is an unattainable goal.

I decided that I didn’t care how many thinkpieces had been written about how bad I was for taking selfies, and I took them anyway. Wherever I went. With my friends and family. Traveling, at work, with my wine jar, in waiting rooms. It was fun, and it left me with more memories, and I have to say, I think selfies are generally a good plan, and you should take them. Because, if nothing else, maybe they will help you see yourself, and accept yourself in a new way. Maybe the bed head, and greasy hair, and the tired eyes, and the tears, or wrinkles, or stress, or breakouts won’t seem so unattractive. Maybe you’ll see more joy than you thought was there. Maybe you’ll learn to love yourself a little better.

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Personally, I had an overall good year. Despite a PTSD diagnosis, a battle with my car heater, increased anxiety, and an election cycle that has left me feeling the need to come out, leave the evangelical church, and view everything (including my favorite TV show) as a political issue. I wrote, I grieved, I grew. I went to Luke’s for coffee, ate amazing food, drank more wine, colored, saw some of my favorites in concert, and shared some great time and experiences with my Goblins. I think I learned how to be a better me, and how to be that me no matter who I was around, or what I was doing. If nothing else, there is one thing I can say for sure, I left 2016 behind with no regrets.

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