napowrimo 2013: week two…

This post is late. DAYS late. I like excuses, so I’m going to make one now: I would have posted this promptly, but I was dead at the time. There we go, that should cover all of my bases.

(This was the week of haiku. Sleepy me was bad at doing more than sleeping…)

April 8

Having this last drink
could mean the difference between
happiness and angst.

April 9

We could make this last.
But we’ll need a time machine
and fewer morals.

April 10

Four more large barrels,
some wires, small gizmos, and such
and there will be life.

April 11

There were some good days–
Mostly, I’m just glad you’re gone
and I can move on.

April 12

I’m drifting down stream,
relaxed, enjoying the sun…
escaping from bees.

April 13

Incredibly small.
Terrified, getting braver.
Learning to say no.

April 14

Old friends and good wine
relax away stressful weeks.
The Doctor knows best.


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