halloween is my favorite…

Eep! It’s halfway through November and I still haven’t posted about Halloween!

I love Halloween. I love dressing my goblins up, I love dressing me up, and I love seeing everyone else all dressed up. (It’s possible that it’s less that I love Halloween, and more that I love a reason to make and wear costumes.)

Anyhow, this Halloween was very fun.

Jenna was a kitty

Cole was a Bat turned Batman
(He changed his mind last minute… I made it work.)

I was also Batman because Batman is the best

This little drawing of me carried a pumpkin around…

We went trick-or-treating in an area of town that takes the whole experience really seriously. It was so much fun. The kids enjoyed collecting candy, and I enjoyed watching them! We went with a little group of friends, and we all had such a good time. Merriment and frolicking were definitely things that happened.

But seriously, how could you not have fun when you were in a neighborhood decorated like this?


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