the past can be confusing when viewed from the present…

Do you look behind
at those once part of your life,
then just wonder why?

Can you please tell me
where you think that I went wrong?
Because I’m happy

“Think for yourself.”
Words that echo back
igniting my present.
“Make sure you know why
you believe what you do.
Don’t just follow behind,
obeying unquestioned rules.”
Dialogue, syllables,
articulations from the past.
Her voice, his voice
colliding into a
cacophony of wisdom.
The rhythm that nudges
me out into the day.
“You can do what
you want, but be
prepared to answer for
the decisions you make.”
It is easy to live my life–
to wake up each morning
in my bed, to stretch,
to great the day.
It is easy to be me,
because there are no
questions unanswered.
No uncertainty.


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