to my daughter on the future of women’s rights…

My dearest baby girl,
When you entered this world
I was less concerned
for your future as a woman.
However, my child,
now I know I must arm you,
train you for battle.
There are those that will tell you
that you are not capable,
that you deserve less.
I am here to say:
you have more power,
than you are currently aware.
Never let anyone tell you
there is something wrong with you
because your chromosomes
are not x and y. You are amazing!
You must be strong
and let those in charge know
you will not be silent
you will not just give up.
Sweet one, you may struggle,
but do not become bitter.
Keep your chin up,
because you can make change.
You can keep yourself safe.
When they come,
telling you that you must
give away your rights,
scream loudly. They cannot
take what is not given.
Hold on tight to
your dreams. Whatever
they say, whatever they do,
maintain your sense
of self. My dear, I will fight
until I can fight no more.
I will kick, I will scream,
and I will do my best
to make sure that the freedoms
and rights, women of old fought for
are not cavalierly given away.
Watch me, and learn.
Be brave, make them listen,
you will be prepared.


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