nightmare fuel 2012…

It’s October! I happen to really love this time of year. When I was little, I wasn’t allowed to trick-or-treat or participate in many Halloween type activities. My family opted for harvest parties and non-spooky costumes. (Which I’m totally fine with, by the way. My parents were good parents and awesome people and they made what they thought were the best decisions for me in my childhood, and I respect that.) So, I’m not sure if it is repressed childish glee seeping out, or if I would have been just as enthusiastic for the season had I been a Halloween participant as a child as well, but I do know that I am a Halloween fan.

Last year I participated in something called Nightmare Fuel. I posted my contributions to Tumblr in order to not scare my friends and readers who are not into spooky things, and this year I plan on doing the same thing. That being said, I also plan on posting a haiku or limerick based on my Nightmare Fuel post on this blog. That will keep most of the creepy over there, but also keep this place hopping through the month.

There! Housekeeping done. Now, because you put up with this long post about pretty much nothing, here is a (kind of blurry, sorry I need a real camera or scanner) picture I drew! Jenna said she could tell it was me because of the glasses and bat wings…



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