a few haiku for you…

It seems that when I ask for haiku subject suggestions on facebook and twitter, I receive them! So, without further delay, here are my responses to said suggestions.


Bleep, bloop. Bleep, bleep, bloop.
That means, “Hey! How’s it going?”
In robot language.


When you don’t brush them
they become covered in fur,
and then they fall out.

(And that, kids, is why you should always brush your teeth.)

flippy floppy trout babies

When I was pregnant
I had dreams of birthing trout–
trout babies with feet.


A friend had the thought
Of making afterbirth beer
it was a bad thought.

Mountain Biking

All I know is that
biking leads to broken bones,
and I’d rather write.


Espresso (brewed well),
drenched in chocolate and milk–
caffeine perfection.

Back to school

The smell of pencils,
freshly sharpened to a point–
it is time for school.


There should be more trains
so I can travel fancy
with tea and crumpets.

The Doctor

I’ve decided that
my friend is The Doctor, and
I’m a companion.

(Seriously, he’s sneaky, but he totally travels through time. Therefore he must be The Doctor, and I’m calling dibs on current companion. Andrea, you can come too…)


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