it has been a long time coming…

It has been a long time coming–
right on the edge where disaster meets contentment,
and I can taste victory with a hint of defeat.
The one, the thing controlling the outcome–
whichever, whoever, whatever)
it doesn’t matter. There will be an ending
that matches the beginning.
It will be painful, it will be hard,
and it will be exquisitely unique, and wonderful.
The new, the old, the yet to come
will colide, will explode into passion and color.
I assume you will be there,
holding my head above water,
wrapping me up into you, as we gaze into the nether.
And I assume you won’t mind
when I hold you so tight, that it pulls you under.

My life is changing right now. It’s changing slowly and rapidly all at the same time. Every single change is good. Every single change is wanted, and embraced. However, that does not make them easy, and it does not mean I’m not fighting them just because I think change is scary. I’m going to try and keep up. I’m going to try and put my hopes and my dreams where they belong, and keep my feet on the ground. We’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck! I’m diving in…


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