Everyone needs a friend that will push them to do exciting things. I have at least one, but the one I’m writing this about right now is my pal Andrea.

Andrea is the kind of friend that gets me to dance in the front seat of cars and walk through big cities like I own them. She’s the kind of friend that will probably convince me to ride the giant new ferris-wheel in Seattle, and who does convince me to make last minute plans to do awesome things on a regular basis. Also, along with being the friend who watches my kids when I need a sitter, who jumps on an airplane to help me with every birthday party that my kids have, and who goes to things like Geek Girl Con with me, she’s the kind of friend that I pose for crazy pictures with calamari with. Observe:

Yesterday we were going to pizza. Pizza happened to be next door to a tattoo and piercing shop. A long while back Andrea and I had talked about getting our noses pierced together, but we’d never really made time for it. There were always goblins, or events, or a lack of money, or family in the way. Anyhow, today there was nothing between us and a needle poking through our noses. Today we had people around to watch the goblins, we had money in our bank accounts, and we had time. So, after a delicious pizza lunch, we walked into the shop, filled out the forms, and we got our noses pierced! Yay!

So, now my nose is studded (soon to be ringed… I think, although I like the stud better than I thought I would), and my bucket list is down an item. I’m pretty jazzed about the whole experience!


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