my visit with king tut…

Elementary school, that’s when I decided that Ancient Egypt was awesome and that I wanted to learn more than they were teaching me in school. I looked at books in the library, I watched TV specials, and when the internet came to my house, I did a lot of research. When I first heard about the traveling King Tutankhamun exhibits, I knew I had to go to one someday. Years passed. Lots of years.

[insert montage of my growing up time from elementary school to last yearish here]

Then I was listening to NPR one day and they were advertising for the exhibit in Seattle. The stars aligned for me on this one, it just so happens that I am in Seattle a lot. This past trip, my parents were asking me if there was anything specific I wanted to see or do, I suggested King Tut, and the rest is history. Beautiful, Egyptian, ancient history.

I can’t even describe the feeling as I walked into the first room of artifacts. It was stunning, take my breath away stunning. Seeing things, in such good condition, that had survived thousands of years, completely took my breath away. It’s hard for me to put into words, and that drives me batty, but it really was that astounding. I said to my mom and dad and my friend Andrea over and over things like, “Can you believe this still has paint on it?” or “This statue is in remarkable condition. It has arms!” or “Look at the craftsmanship! The detail is amazing.”

It was a feeling of absolute glee. Childhood dreams combined with adult reality. I felt like a little kid again, all wonder and awe and joy.

Anyhow, since words seem to be failing me, here are some of the pictures I took. They don’t do the artifacts justice, but I love them anyway.

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And check another one off the bucket list!


One thought on “my visit with king tut…

  1. I am so ridiculously jealous right now. I was planning on being an Egyptologist from 5 years old on. It was my first 5 syllable word. I borrowed every book from the library, watched every show on TV, was OBSESSED with dear King Tutankhamen. *sigh*

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