haiku in bad form, take two…

It’s another set of haiku created out of observation. (Haiku in bad form, the first one, is here…) When I’m writing in coffee shops, waiting in airports, or wandering cities I keep my eyes open, and often I’m struck with the desire to create. So yeah, here are these!

It’s a shame to see
you just run away like this
with my purse and phone

Little girl, so small,
waiting, patient, and quiet,
while mom leaves to smoke.

I think it’s his smile,
or his eyes, maybe his wit,
or perhaps his bum.

There’s no way to know
if this goes poorly or well,
but life requires risk.

I can give you love,
or I can give you money–
I’ve no time for both.

Breath does not come cheap.
Each inhale, each exhale costs
time and energy.


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