this is a “real” blog post… i think…

(General) WARNING: This post will contain minimal amounts of cursing at a PG13 level. Read with caution if you have a heart condition that is affected by mild language, or if you think you may become faint at the thought of me articulating expletives in the midst of my loquaciousness.
(Mommy) WARNING: Mommy, I know you hate the “f word” more than most things. It’s not included so feel free to keep reading. :D

On with the rant!

So, what the hell does it mean when people put the word “real” in front of other words? What exactly are they trying to say?

“Chillax about changing, you’re a real woman, those other women, they have nothing on you, girl!”

Last I checked, I actually have a uterus and ovaries, and that pretty much makes me a real woman in the literal sense of both words.

Seriously though, let’s take inventory: real American, real man, real woman, real whatever else you want to put here… What the bleeping bleep are people trying to get across?

I’m pretty sure the answer is that people are one way and that makes them so much damn better than the rest of the world. Let me tell you something, real women have genetic code that makes them real women. Real men also have genetic code that makes them real men. Real Americans live in America.

End of story. Last I checked all five feet, one inch, and 120 pounds of me was real woman. My blonde, brown, purple, whatever hair, my blue eyes, my glasses or contacts, my kids, my lack of want to be a trophy wife that cooks all the time, my love of sports, my distaste for skirts… all of that, real woman. Any woman that has some or none of those same things/interests? Also a real woman.

Women need to stop hating on each other. So do men. Hell, so do all people in general. This world is a tough place to live in. It just is. There are people everywhere trying to tear each other down. There are things (signs, bulletin boards, and magazines) telling us to change. It would be so much easier to make it through a day if we the humans could all just recognize that we are different and that those differences make us a trillion times more fun to be around. (Seriously, hanging out with people like me every day would drive me bat-shit insane.) We need to start loving each other and realize what that means. It means acceptance of differences and ability to see past all of the crap. Love is love, no strings attached. If we all stop looking down at one another and just start feeling a little more, then maybe things would start looking up.

In the mean time, I’m going to stop trying to figure out what me being a “real woman” actually means. I’m going to rest on genetics and believe that I’m good enough just the way I am.


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