some poems and a picture to help answer everything…

I wrote a couple of poems today! The first one is something I woke up with. Seriously, I was writing this in my dream after I had a dream in that dream about writing it, so I woke up (I think I’m awake that is) and wrote it down because it seemed the thing to do. How extremely meta is that? The answer is, of course, freaking extremely meta.

The second one I’ve wanted to write for a while. I got this amazing fortune while eating birthday sushi in the park back in April. (Mmm… birthday sushi.) Anyhow, after reading it I realized that it would be a great prompt for a story or a poem. I chose poem.

The Thing I Want (and shouldn’t have)

Shocking how much I miss you when
you have never been here with me
I’ve never touched your skin, but
still even then, your face is all
I see. When I dream I hear your
voice, and when I wake I wish that
I was still asleep, my arms still
wrapped around your body. It is
a shocking thing, waking up alone
after hours spent in your company–
the room too quiet without your
laughter in my ear. What can I do
but sit and long for moments in
the dark? What can I do but pine
away the hours? If you would take
the leap, and exist here with me,
life could feel complete, and thus,
perhaps it is better that you
rest only in my dream’s embrace.

Fortune Cookie

“When the moment comes, take the last one from the left.”

Who am I to ignore the prodding
of the all knowing fortune cookie
gods? This has become my
mantra, the one thing I consult
before any given choice needs made.
At the bookstore, instead of
reading covers, I simply look left
and go pay. Walking into a
bar or club, I no longer scan
the crowd for a possible date.
I look immediately to the far side
of the room (or the last bar stool),
and I go over and tell the
person that we have been
decided by the hands
of fate, and that they must buy
me a drink. Although it is not always
the most ideal outcome,
I refuse to spit in the face, of such
a glorious gift, and I follow the orders
given to me on that strip of paper.
It’s the answer to all life’s questions,
and a way to never
make a single decision again.


3 thoughts on “some poems and a picture to help answer everything…

  1. Hey, Loved your interpretation of “When the moment comes…. ” I was in a Chinese restaurant with my parents, and my Dad got the same fortune. We were confounded, and it was for this reason that I ended up finding your site. Write on!

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