a day at the park with a pen…

I went to the park yesterday so that my goblins could play and watch baby geese, and I could enjoy the sun. There was time spent doodling, and time spent writing, and time spent just watching my kids laugh. It was great! The doodles were nonsense. The poems were a combination of words written because they were in me and wanted out, and words written because making up stories about the people around me is fun.

Here are some poems and doodles from the day. Hope you enjoy them!

When there is nothing left…

What can I say when
you are standing there with
your eyes wide open,
and mouth shut tight.

What can I say when
you will not listen to words
screamed in silence
with nothing else to fight.

There is nothing left,
nothing to say,
and time is ticking
by faster each day.

You left me cold,
and walked out the door
leaving promises broken
and love to replay.

And you still take full
credit for the smile
that erupts on my face
when you walk by,

but the truth is that
it is not memories of you
that light up my eyes,
it is the strength of goodbye.

Sometimes it is love lost
that reminds us
why living is so important,
and that we are whole.

I hold onto that because
if not then this was all
a sham and not worth the tears
I cried that you failed to console.

Geese are not to be trifled with…

don’t meddle with geese
they do not have moral qualms
with pecking out eyes

For A Minute

There was a time when I thought
that you were handsome.
I think it was a lack of experience,
and no internet connection.
Or it could be that men are
all just better looking before
they open their mouths,
and turn into boys.

The Feather Girl

You in the corner!
The one that’s hoarding feathers.
Do you dream of flight?


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