another one pulled from a song…

Today’s lyric poems brought to you by Vampire Weekend and their song Horchata.

As per usual, I will be joined by Brandi over on her blog. (I’ll link directly to her post as soon as she gets it up.) Enjoy!

Ooh you had it, but oh no you lost it…
It was an idea,
a moment of genius.
The light came on
for an instant,
but then eyes went
blank once again.

Years go by and hearts start to harden…
When you first walked away
my heart broke. No longer
whole, tears fell and sobs rent.
But I saw you months later,
and I felt nothing.
It was as if you never
filled my every waking moment,
as if you were never my
only definition of love and desire.

The roots are shooting up through the tool shed…
A long time ago, this was home.
There were flowers blooming then,
they stood for hope and the future.
The woods have reclaimed what
once was a cheerful cabin.
Branches wrap themselves around
door frames, and weeds creep up
through the floor. An owl hoots
in the rafters, a family
of masked bandits have taken
up residence, as the boards
crumble under the forest canopy.

You understood, so you shouldn’t have fought it…
The how doesn’t matter
when you know the why.
Sometimes things have to happen–
to keep order, to make peace–
and allowing them to fall
into place like the pieces
of a carefully cut puzzle
is what will be best for all.
But you chose to walk upstream,
you chose to make your own way,
disregarding the facts, the mandates.
Now, you will face absolute
justice, the consequences for
not complying,
not submitting,
not conforming.

I’d look psychotic in a balaclava
There is already a tinge of madness.
It is right near the surface, but
still mostly invisible to the naked eye.
One has to really look, currently, to see.
But if she were to put on a certain dress
that emphasized her odd gait and strut,
then there would be little left to belie
that locked up tight is where she should be.


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