blog a day challenge: x…

X is for xenagogue

(For those of you not willing to click the link but wondering what a xenagogue is, basically, it is someone who is a guide to strangers.)

Standing still as a statue in the dark,
the scent of moist earth and musty air filling my lungs.
Always waiting, for the next one, the next
person journeying through, the one
unfortunate enough to stumble this way, and to
become a part of this place. Once in, there is no
way out. Not one without consequences.
My purpose, to lead them towards the light,
but even then they may not like what they find.
Not all exits open to a place of comfort, and
not all entrances are to be trusted. Now, as
I wait and wonder who will be the next, my
belly rumbles. It is the anticipation, the thrill
of the unknown and what is about to come.


3 thoughts on “blog a day challenge: x…

  1. Thanks for another great new X word! I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

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