blog a day challenge: w…

W is for winter…

The first poem I wrote a while back. The second one I wrote today. I felt like creating something a bit sillier than the first.

Winter (creative title I know… don’t judge. I’m not good at titling things.)

The tiniest lace doilies,
falling from the sky, settling into piles.
Piles blown into swirls, deposited in drifts
so tall they block out the late day sun.
Clear skies bring finches to the feeders.
Animals avoiding hibernation
poke their noses out of holes and bask in the rays.
Everything is brighter and happier
as light glints and reflects in every direction.
Children become dragons puffing
out smoke as they run and play in the chilled air.
Breathing in ice, and a sensations like
pinpricks peppering skin
become commonplace, and easily ignored.
People become more alike
covered in puffy jackets and layers of sweaters.
Gloves cover hands, and hats hide hair
creating the illusion that everyone is essentially the same.


an excuse to wear
one more shirt, ridicule free
I love cold weather



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