blog a day challenge: v…

V is for violets, violin, ventricular, void, vandalism, victor, vampires, vitamins, and vagina.

Thanks to my facebook peeps for the help coming up with topics today! Now, without further ado, I present you with several haiku and a political poem.

violets in pots
winking, smiling, and laughing
on every surface

sad, sweet melodies
crying tears for memories
now long forgotten

blood thrumming its way
through a winding complex maze
tubes carrying life

I would live in space
if it was like Hubble said
not light years of black

graffiti on walls
shades of the apocalypse
or urban decay

the spoils go that way
just pile them there in his arms
they’re his problem now

tombs full of dead dreams
wish they were mausoleums
housing draculas

without them we die
and yet the pills taste like dirt
not a funny joke

it is a dirty word
so says our society
but I call it
my anatomy
some would
have me believe
that it was an
but really
it is just a
small part of me
and a part the world
would like
to control
to put on posters
as political drivel
but it is not a
talking point
and it does not
exist for them
to legislate
it is mine
to do with
as I please
similar to
my eyes, my mouth
and my knees.



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