blog a day challenge: t…

T is for trading…
If you’re a regular, you know that occasionally I swap blogs with my amazing friend Kristie for a day. We take an image, both write about it, and then she posts what I write on her blog, and I post her writing on my blog. It’s fun! This is our latest swap, and I’m super glad she chose to do it today because it’s my birthday and having a birthday break while not breaking the A-Z challenge is an awesome thing. Anyhow, you all should go meet Kristie over on her blog Kristie Was Here, and not just to read what I wrote for today, but also because she is a fantastic person with a way of putting her life into words. I love her, and you will too!

Photo by: UnspokenRomance

She agreed to wear the dress, stand in line, pose for a picture.
She was a brunette to create a scene, a memory.
And as she stood there, wrist bent, fingers arched, she knew.
The lines of the picture, the curve of her hip, the motion of her hands–they were real.
They could be touched, held, kissed.
That’s what she wanted–more. More than a picture.
She wanted her hair down, a moment disheveled, a broken wholeness.
She wanted it all–even if it meant risking the eternal ache.
She knew it was there.
It only she could find it.
The camera clicked.
The flash bounced.
She shifted her weight right, then left.
She knew.
There was more to the story,
to the journey,
to life.
The was more to discovering
and becoming.

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