blog a day challenge: r…

R is for Remember (by Harry Nilsson)

It’s time for a lyric prompt, and Brandi is back this week, yay! When I was little, Harry Nilsson was rarely not in our CD changer. I loved him, my parents loved him, and so he was a staple. When I got my first car with a CD player in it, I went out and bought Nilsson Schmilsson and it was the first album I played. When I bought my first iPod, my collection of Harry Nilsson songs were among the first to be downloaded to it. This man’s songs shaped my childhood. Some of my favorite memories have him singing in the background. Anyhow, glimpse into my life aside, here is a link to Brandi’s poem, and here are mine.

long ago, far away…

Was it here?
I seem to remember it differently.
There were so many stars,
and more moons in the sky.
It was a traditional story:
meaning boy meets girl,
only he was a wookiee and
she was dressed like Han Solo.

remember, turn around…

The past is suffocating.
Places, people, dreams
that were never fulfilled.
Pictures of perfection
that do not match up
to what really happened.
Constant overload
of what ifs, and why nots.
Unknown endings
that crumbled, and
slowly fell apart.
It would be easy to
get lost in it all–
to fall into a fit of despair,
but the old is just a
piece of the whole,
and it can only own
what it is freely given.

remember, life is never as it seems, dream…

Living is easier with my eyes closed, or
with a camera in my hands. The lens
blurs reality, and my dreams enhance
my memories. Slight tweaks in what
happened, small alterations to the fabric
of time, and suddenly it all makes sense.

life was clear, close your eyes…

The first birthday that I remember
blowing out candles, I made a wish.
It was easy, and instant, coming from
a place of honest desire and longing.
There were fewer questions then,
not as much general wariness
and mistrust. The simplicity of life
still left undisturbed and untarnished
by disappointment and inevitable
let downs. Breathing was easier,
waking up was easier, chasing
after life was easier. Sands shift,
and time ticks. Eventually things
change, but somewhere that
same girl exists if I close my eyes.



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