blog a day challenge: o…

O is for Orville Redenbacher…

Photo by: Pink Sherbet Photography

When I was little, we had a great Sunday evening routine. Every week we would pop popcorn, sometimes in the air popper, sometimes in the microwave, and then we would watch America’s Funniest Home Videos.

I don’t really know where the tradition started, I know my grandma did it, but I’m not sure if it went all the way back to when my grandpa was alive. It’s even possible that earlier on, there was still popcorn on Sundays that went along with a different show.

For me, Sunday popcorn went hand in hand with Bob Saget, waiting to see what the intro to the show would be that week. It was a good time, eating lightly salted popcorn out of Tupperware bowls. Whenever I think of popcorn, I’m taken back to that time, a simpler time, a time when people fell of swing-sets and kids punched their dads in the groin while I laughed with my family and nommed on popcorn.


4 thoughts on “blog a day challenge: o…

  1. Popcorn is my favorite snack (or meal sometimes) and every fourth of July, while we watch the fireworks from our backyard, I make several batches of air-popped, drizzled in butter, popcorn. I did it one time because my little nephews were ‘hungry’ and the next year they asked for it again, and a tradition was born!

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