blog a day challenge: k…

K is for kissing…

I wrote some poems! I decided to be a bit obvious and cliche with this letter. Mostly because I realized about 10 seconds too late that a “get to know me blog” would have been much more suited to K day due to my name starting with a K. However, I suppose that would have been cliche as well, and since I avoided one cliche on accident, I believe I am entitled to fall into one willingly. Right? Right. Now to commence with some poems about intermingling lips!

nervous lips meeting
unsure, seeking an answer

Or alternately:

nervous lips meeting
unsure, seeking an answer
new love wilts, then dies

When I first noticed your lips
you were putting on chap stick,
and sitting on the other side of the room.
A hundred conversations, face to face,
and yet, they had never made an
impact, not one like this. Now they
seemed softer, and I started to think
about them, to daydream about
how they would feel, and how
they would move. It is entirely
inconvenient, that you do not seem
interested, and that I am too
much a prude, to ever make a move.



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