blog a day challenge: j…

J is for Jack…

Jack David would have been my daughter’s name had she been a boy. My son would have been Kenzie Elisabeth if he had been a girl.

Other random facts about my life (since I feel like this blog challenge should help people get to know be a bit better):

I’m allergic to cats, sagebrush, juniper, cottonwood, agave, radishes, walnuts, and also apparently daikon (which makes total sense due to it being a kind of radish).

I love comics.

Dr. Pepper was my least favorite soda up until very recently. And by very recently I mean February of this year. For some reason, I all of a sudden love it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, and Gilmore Girls are three of my favorite shows from the past.

New Girl, Modern Family, and Community are three of my favorite shows from the here and now.

Moths and bears both really freak me out.

I want to be Batman, gravely voice and all.

My favorite movie of all time is A League of Their Own…”There’s no crying in baseball!”

Guilty TV pleasures: Project Runway, Top Chef, Glee, Dancing With the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Favorite poets: Robert Frost and Margaret Atwood.

I love sports, I hate dresses, my hair hasn’t been entirely its natural color since I turned 13, I eat too many tacos, I wish I ate more sushi, and I name all of my electronics.

Sweet peas, Old Spice, cloves, chess, and oatmeal still all make me feel sentimental about my grandfather who I lost when I was four and a half.

Finally, jam jars always make me think of my grandma. They also make me wish I had some of her plum freezer jam because it is one of my favorite flavor memories from my childhood.

Oh, and this is pretty much my growing up years in a nutshell:


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