blog a day challenge: h…

H is for haiku…

(Come on, you read my blog… you had to see this one coming from a mile away!)

Seriously though, I asked my friends for words starting with the letter h, and the words they gave me are the ones that I’m using to title/theme said haiku. It’s gonna be fun! Just you wait and see… it will be.

(P.S. The fun/clean poems are towards the top… the naughtier/more serious poems are at the bottom.)


An allergy cure,
or at least a way to breathe


Countless hours with you,
listening as you talk, trapped.
Hemlock? The answer…


A word that just makes sense,
it is perfect, and it fits:


Cleanses, weight loss, pills–
all in hopes of longer life?
Not me; I choose death.


You make my head float,
my heart beats so fast I fly–
Love, lighter than air.


Lettuce, pickles, cheese.
You really eat it that way?
I want to break up.


some words mean nothing.
you have to hold them, feel them
to get a full grasp.

Heather (the plant, not the girl)

Fields full of heather,
summers spent naked, in love.
It was better then.


Strands on my pillow
remind me that you were real.
I should wash my sheets.


Hot nights spent dancing.
Sweat dripped down my neck, my thighs.
Drum beats turned me out.

Thanks Drew, Andrea, James, Jennie, Crystle, Rachael, Sarah, Amber, Brandi, Annie, and Adri for the words! You guys are so great! :D


7 thoughts on “blog a day challenge: h…

  1. I am also particpating in this challenge! I love the idea of asking people for words beginning with the letter, really nice take on it.

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