blog a day challenge: g…

G is for good riddance…

I was super busy yesterday with Easter parties, so I’m giving myself permission to write today instead.

Lately I’ve been trying to give myself permission to let people go. I’ve been trying to make the jump from constantly allowing myself to be in situations where I feel uncomfortable with the way I’m being treated, to realizing that I am allowed to make my own destiny and that I don’t have to be around people that I do not want to be around. It’s a hard thing to do, saying good riddance. I don’t like hurting feelings, but I also do not like getting my feelings hurt. I’m coming to terms with deleting people that I talk to on social networks, and removing unnecessary contention from people that I do not agree with or appreciate. Being constantly torn down is not something that I have to put up with, surrounding myself with people who love me and accept me is far more productive.

It’s not that I insist that everyone agree with me all the time, however, I do want my close circle, the circle I share my life with, to be a place where I feel safe and loved.

It’s something I’m working on. I’m mostly failing miserably, but someday I’m hoping I learn how to easily say goodbye and good riddance to the bad people in my life.



7 thoughts on “blog a day challenge: g…

  1. Great post! I think it’s wonderful to give yourself permission to get rid of things/people who are not blessings in your life. It’s a great way to make your environment positive. WTG!

  2. Keep working at it because you are heading in the right direction. I learned to say goodbye to a neighbor who was a constant source of contention and unhappiness in the neighborhood.

    Now when the rest of us get together, we spend the time enjoying each other, instead of telling the latest, “You won’t believe what she said now” story.

    There aren’t enough days in the week to spend with people you love and who love you back, don’t waste a precious moment on an undeserving person.

  3. Krissy – holy crap.

    This post sounds exactly like one of mine that I wrote awhile ago called “Shifting Sands”

    Seriously, I had to kick someone out of my life – who WAS close to me. We were high school best friends, and I had to cut him loose because of what he put me through. I explain my feelings behind it better in my blog post, if you care to read :)

    But I hope both of us get the strength to say goodbye, it’s a very hard thing to do.

    • I will go read it for sure! It is not a natural response for me to just cut people off, but it’s getting so exhausting holding on to people who just aren’t fun to be around. We’ll both get there! Recognizing the need is a good step, I think! :)

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