blog a day challenge: e…​

E is for eerie…

I’m big on using prompts as inspiration for poetry. Today’s inspiration is the word eerie and the eerie pictures I’ve included… which is handy since today’s blog is brought to you by the letter E!

Murders of crows fly,
then land in branches above–
the air fills with dread.

Photo by Dino ahmad ali via Flickr

Eternal Anne

Sweet mocking jay in the bush outside,
stealing songs to make your disguise,
you sing my end, you sing my demise:
with every note my time does fly.

As I sit on this cold stone floor
I wait for fate to open the door;
daily I wait each one like before–
time is uncertain, but fate is sure.

Photo by ELENA LAGARIA via Flickr

lone silent specter:
waiting, watching, resolute.
no one will escape.


7 thoughts on “blog a day challenge: e…​

  1. Prompts can be a writer’s best friend. Eerie is such an awesome E word! I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of it. Your poems are great, especially the haiku. They can be fun to write whenever you’re feeling stuck.

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