not-a-limericks: current politics addition…

These are not-a-limericks focused on my recent encounters with news stories around the country. They all have the new uterus laws that are sweeping the nation in common, and they are all a tiny little bit of me venting my angst towards everything going on right now. I didn’t really mean for this to turn into Politics on Krissy’s Blog week, but apparently that’s what it is! We’ll return to regularly scheduled ranty, odd poetry, random rambling, passive-aggressive screaming, general me type madness as soon as possible…

There once were some men with no class,
with laws most abhorrent to pass.
They stood with their beer guts
and called women sluts
but ultimately most people knew that they were just trying to be heard because they were sad and lonely and needed the attention so desperately that they were willing to say that women would lie about rape and should be interrogated and tested before they were actually allowed to say that was what had occurred to them and that they had not just had sex with their husbands and/or boyfriends and then become later miffed at said men (because seriously, who would actually think any of that anyway?).

A lady with an ultrasound machine
performed them behind a screen
to prove she was right
she squealed with delight
and tried to compare the ultrasounds of women that were eager to meet the babies in their stomachs with those forced on women wanting an abortion by stating that the procedure was not, in fact, invasive and that it was beautiful and that if women only knew, they would want it done to them even though she never once spoke to a woman during her time at the statehouse who was seeking abortion or one that had been raped so essentially the entire spectacle was fallacious and harmful all around.

A woman was charged with a crime
and told she would serve her time.
Her baby had died,
“Innocent!” she cried
but you see her miscarriage was clearly her fault and she should have to pay for the life of the child that had been inside her even though the pregnancy had been wanted and she had chosen not to abort, which, oddly enough in this case, would have possibly saved her a life behind bars.

There once was a girl with a cause,
that gave others she knew great pause,
still she stood up and spoke
and took flack from folk
for she knew that ultimately this was all ridiculous and that her points and side were valid and true to her beliefs and she vowed to keep speaking up as long as it was needed and to keep writing letters to those in power asking them to stop what they were doing and realize it was harmful to the moral fiber and all around well-being of the country.


Oh hey! I get to post a source or two (or four) today!

AP article entitled Abortion foes do live ultrasounds in Idaho Capitol
Idaho Senator Chuck Winder says things here and here
Because miscarriage isn’t hard enough, now women might be charged with murder after losing their child.


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