post script…

I’ve been annoyed lately. More than annoyed. I’ve been in a state of confusion and emotional exhaustion. The current state of this country has me feeling a bit helpless. The government trudges on slowly taking rights from one group or another, and people stand on the sidelines patting them on the back. Those with the supposed moral high ground stand on their soapboxes and claim superiority without caring what their words are doing to the people around them.

I have words of wisdom for everyone, “Be excellent to each other.” Bill and Ted had it right.

People will not always agree with one another, but that doesn’t mean they can’t speak in love and with respect.

My advice? Hold your tongues. Do not speak words of judgement. If you have not lived through a situation, don’t claim knowledge on it. It is impossible to understand feelings and actions if you have not experienced them. You can make an educated guess, but when you say youknow you will only end up hurting people.

Angry words, judgmental words, hateful words, will never sway anyone’s opinion of a situation. Veiled threats and idle speculation will never make anyone feel comfortable enough to feel welcomed and loved. Words matter, choices matter, the way you treat people, matters. It most certainly makes a difference to the people who have been through horrific events when you choose not to belittle their feelings and their experiences.

People are getting life all wrong. It isn’t about who can win. It isn’t about passing the most laws to back what you think is right, it is about caring for the people around you and turning our empathy chips up to high. It’s about understanding that people feel hurt and are in pain, and then it’s about trying your best to put yourself in their shoes and just loving the heck out of them.

Disagree with me. I’m fine with that. However, do not think to know me. Do not believe that you know where I am coming from unless you take the time to speak with me and understand me. I stand up for things I believe in. I fight for my freedoms and my rights. I spend time trying my damnedest to make the world a livable place for my children. My path is set and I’m sure of my beliefs and my stances.

I. Will. Not. Be. Shaken.

Not by words from the outside.

Not by any person.

I’m sure of my faith and I’m comfortable with myself. I’m content to be where I am.


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