come one, come all…

It’s time for a good old fashioned rant! That’s right, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been amped up about something enough to go off about it, but it has happened again!

Here is the deal, folks: I am a fan of my uterus. Yep. I said it. My uterus managed to house two children that are mostly normal and relatively awesome. It’s true that once a month my uterus and I have a bit of a tousle, but I’m still pretty darned glad that I am a girl, so I deal with the cramps.

Know what I’m not a fan of? The government telling me what is best for my uterus and for me. See, I’m pretty sure I have a better handle on my lady bits than the ladies and gents running this country. I know, for instance, that my bits do not slut around. I know that I would never make the choice of an abortion. (I know this because I did seriously think about it once when I was 21, in college, not married, and unsure if I could really parent a kid.)

I think the morning after pill is a great idea. Let’s go the giant leap and say you aren’t a slut, you aren’t wont to sleep with anyone in fact, and therefore you do not take birth control. Then, one day, someone, anyone, takes advantage of you. Right now, you can march down to the drugstore and grab a pill that is made up of a high dose of hormones. It’s not a lot different than if you were on the pill at the time of intercourse. It doesn’t abort a pregnancy that already exists, it just prevents one from happening. It’s a pretty neat little pill, actually. In a matter of moments a woman can go from panic to peace knowing that she is protected from an unwanted pregnancy that she was not (in any way) asking for. Anyhow, that little pill is (quite wrongly) considered an abortion pill by some. A lot of those same people are currently passing laws saying that the government has the right to force a trans-vaginal ultrasound on women seeking the legal procedure of having an abortion. That little pill? Also totally legal. How long until those same people want to outlaw it and force women to potentially have to make a much worse, much more painful decision several months into pregnancy or after birth?

It’s a slippery slope. Georgia is currently looking into not allowing a woman to have labor induced after miscarriage. The senator sponsoring the bill said that he had seen pigs and cows go through the process of a natural stillborn birth when asked about it. Seriously, when he was asked about a bill involving a woman’s uterus, his response was about cows and pigs. I’m glad a good old boy farmer knows cows and pigs. I myself am not a farm animal. Although, there have been places and times where women were forced to reproduce with certain mates and to a certain end, I’m pretty glad that my life is currently not like that. I’d rather not be equated to breeding stock if at all possible.

Did you know that there was a time when the church disallowed masturbation? Not because they found it to be disgusting or anything like that, but because they said that sperm should not be expelled unless it resulted in possible procreation. Sometimes, people make weird rules. I’m waiting for someone to decide that I can’t have my ovaries removed if I so choose because there are still perfectly good eggs lurking about, and those perfectly good eggs might result in life. It may sound like a ridiculous jump, but it has, in a way, happened before. (History does have a tendency to repeat itself, just look at women’s fashions.)

It’s a scary time to me. My uterus is mine. We’re pals for the time being and I know what’s best for the two of us. I would thank the government to stay out of it, and just leave us alone.

I take my freedom seriously, and I’m not too keen on anyone trying to take it away from me. I believe that this country was founded by a few Christians and a lot of people that were outcasts and lost. They had fled the tyranny of rulers who had committed heinous acts against their people in the name of God and government. They did not found a country based on Christianity, they founded a country based on freedom. The freedom to live and worship no matter who you were or where you came from. With banishment and execution fresh in their minds, they sought something better for everyone, not just for them. I want a country based on love and equality as much as possible, and I especially want a country where bigotry and prejudice are set aside for freedom. I truly do not care if I do not agree with someone on a religious level, when it comes to humanity and the basic rights of people, I know where I stand: I want liberty and I do not want to have to go back to the days of torture and death to remember just how valuable and important it is.


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