this one song and these poems here…

I’m sure that a lot of you have heard this song, but it’s good and worth another listen anyway. Tonight I was sitting and it was playing and I got insanely inspired. I’ve been writing poems based on lines from songs. I find it interesting. One line from something already complete, and I end up somewhere else with something different, and very thankful for the words that pulled something out of me that needed removed. Sometimes stuck words can be like a festering sliver. They need removed before they get too painful. Anyhow, here’s the song followed by my poems.

But you didn’t have to cut me off…
It was over but I didn’t get
just how over. That is, until
you canceled my credit cards,
and changed the locks.

Felt so lonely in your company…
Walking out of the bathroom,
wrapped in a towel, I forgot
that you still lived here. But then
I sat on the couch, only, it
wasn’t the couch, and I remembered
that you exist. At least you do corporeally.

You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness…
Drips of crimson falling down
my arm. Yesterday the sun
was shining, but I was in here,
in the dark. this is far
more real, far better than
a life out there, than a life
full of laughter and smiles.

Now you’re just somebody that I used to know…
I passed you on the street. You had your
hands on her ass, and she had her
tongue down your throat. It was never
like that for us, but it doesn’t matter now.
In another time or dimension, I would have
called her out and gone home with bruised
knuckles and a sense of satisfaction.
Instead, this time, I moved on
without a word.


(Also, I know I said I would post my poem from the blog swap I did with Kristie yesterday, but I think for now I’m just going to leave it where it is… I trust her to take care of it for me.)


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