more rain…

Remember when I said I was going to do a monthly blog swap with my friend Kristie? We both kind of got busy and forgot to actually do it. Anyhow, we wrote this month and now I get to share her words with you again! I love the way Kristie writes, you guys. She’s honest and heartfelt and she makes you feel like you know her through her words. If’ you’ve never read her blog, and you don’t know her story, you should go check it out. She dances (which I think is cool because I cannot dance), and she lives in the SF Bay Area (which I ‘m totally jealous of). Anyhow, without further ado, here are Kristie’s words!

She kept staring at it wondering, looking, dreading.  It meant more rain. More rain always meant more rain. Why didn’t it stop? Why? Why now? No one needed it. She didn’t want it. She hated it. Her tears were plenty.

So she walked away, leaving it–the reflection, the pain–for another day. There would be other days; she was sure of it. There were always other days. Always. Just like there was always rain.

So, she left.

And it rained.

And she walked until she arrived again.

The water was there, the sun too. The rain had stopped and she was an entirely different person. The reflections lying on the ground were beautiful . She could see them, finally. She could finally see them.

iPhone photo by Seattle photographer, Chase Jarvis

P.S. I’ll post what I wrote for her over here tomorrow, but if you want to see it a bit sooner, it’s over on her page


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