puppy face…

This weekend was impossible. I have a dog and her name is Charlie. On Saturday some big stupid dogs tried to eat her. It was lame. Now she’s napping on my knee covered in stitches and looking like Frankendog. The cone on her head makes her look pathetic, and her soft crying noises break my heart. We spent all weekend at the vet or medicating puppy dearest… Anyhow, I have no energy.


A poem from the poem vault… (aka, my notebook)

When I can see you standing there
and you see me, but you don’t really see me
Then I know it’s time to go
and I know it’s time to let you go
but I can feel my insides turn into knots at the thought.

Tell me, dearest friend,
where we went wrong and where we went right
Tell me when we said goodbye
because I don’t remember saying goodbye
but maybe it happened today or maybe yesterday


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