things that are awesome that sometimes i forget are awesome…

Sometimes I forget that being an adult has it’s awesome moments. For instance, when you are a child and you have to go to the store with your parents late in the evening because you suddenly discover you are out of toilet paper, bananas, and milk, and then you see cookies that you really want, you are generally told, “No! We do not need cookies. We are here for milk. Now behave and hush.” However, when you are an adult and you go to the store for the same reasons, you can leave said store with cookies, a 12 pack of coke, chips, and salsa. There is nobody to tell you no, because you are spending your own hard earned money and increasing your own waist line. Who cares if you are up until 3 am due to a sugar high? Certainly not you.

Also, there is always cake for breakfast…



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